1/160 vs 1/150

For those of you worried about the difference between 1/160 form Europe and 1/150 from Japan here is a comparison The Tomytec Adtranz GT6 is 1/150 which is common scale in Japan. The Arnold Duewag GT6Z is 1/160 as s common in Europe.

I see some difference but it is not scale. The Duewag has a tapered end to fit though tight clearances in Old Europe. The Adtranz car, like most low-floor trams has a bloated profile to accommodate individual wheel drives and accessible interior passageways over the wheels. The roof lines are about the same. The Duewag has a more tapered profile and it fits into its environment while lines have often had to be rebuilt to accommodate low floor trams.

In Europe there could be quite a difference in widths between trams in various countries.  The Duewag GT6 (the green car) is 2200mm wide.  The Adtranz GT6 is 2300mm wide.  Tatras in the former Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR) were 2200 but Tatras in Prague and other local places were 2500mm wide, a difference of about 12 inches.

Trams are not the only place where differences in scale come into play.  Bank buildings have much higher ceilings than other buildings around them.  A two story bank will often be the same height as a three story commercial or residential building.

I am content running both scales along side one another.  Given the lack of  decent N scale trams why wouldn’t you?

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